TIP! Don’t assume you can find wood at or near your camp site. As an added precaution, bring along wood from around your yard or logs from a home store, and keep them where they will stay dry.

You should always plan carefully and prepare yourself for these things. Use this article to enhance your next camping experience and get some ideas down for what you should think about when going camping.

TIP! Get a big enough tent to fit everyone and gear properly. With enough room, getting up during the night will not disturb others in the tent, and you can all be comfortable while sleeping.

When you purchase a new tent for camping, always set it up at home once before taking it camping. This helps you to get the experience needed for erecting your tent. This can eliminate the frustration associated with setting up your tent.

Try to fit swimming experience of some way. You may miss the shower when you are camping.

These small luxuries can make your day!

TIP! Combine your camping trip with some swimming. You are probably going to miss the shower you have at home while camping.

Try to ensure your camp is set up by nightfall. If you driving an RV, find a safe parking spot. If you are in a tent, you need to find some flat, flat ground. Doing so before night comes around will allow you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

TIP! Buy yourself some camping pillows for your trip. Regular house pillows will become sticky and uncomfortable when exposed to humidity.

Always pack enough of the right kind.Food poisoning will put an ugly end to any outdoor vacation. Take all precautions to make sure your food is packed and do research if necessary.

Sleeping Bag

TIP! Be sure to pack a sufficient amount of the proper foods. It is very important to make sure the food you bring will not spoil during your trip.

The idea of camping is to live with just the essentials, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for it. While a sleeping bag is obvious, it’s also recommended to have extra blankets. This makes sure that any warmth that is not handled by the sleeping bag can help you stay warm if it cools down at night or you may use them for extra blankets.

TIP! If Fido is coming with your on your camping trip, don’t forget his leash. There are those who have a fear of dogs.

Pack extra flashlights and batteries for your camping trip. You will likely need a light source to see when it gets dark out. Having ample light sources can prevent nasty falls or unwanted encounters with wildlife. If your children are along on your camping trip, hand each of them a flashlight.

TIP! Are you just starting with camping and want to know what to do to make it enjoyable? Before you take it on your first trip, practice setting up your

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